Merges with

4/27/2024 1:06 PM
ACLens now part of DiscountContacts

The well-known contact lens and eyeglasses online retailer is now officially a part of Visitors to the site are now automatically redirected to, and met with a press notice on the merger.

Is closed?

While as a standalone website is no longer operational, the operating company is not closed. It has merged with Discount Contacts, and their products are now available under the website.

Why was closed?

Details about the merger are sparse on both websites. However, a closer inspection reveals that both and share the same address, and they are both owned by the company Arlington Lens Supply. This transition appears to be a strategic rebranding to consolidate the sales of contact lenses under the brand.

What does this merger mean for customers?

For former shoppers, the main change is the shift to a new online store. will now serve as the go-to platform for purchasing contact lenses, with the same company backing it as before. Customers should not notice too much of a difference, as they are still buying contact lenses from the same operating company, just under a different name now.


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